June 6, 2011


With summer almost in full force I decided to shear my French Angora Rabbit {Mittens} so he's not so hot. Our high for tomorrow is 92*!!! And to someone who is use to below zero weather (I love Minnesota) this is HOT!

Here is the finished "naked" rabbit. He looks better in real life. This picture makes him look sick =)
Hopefully this will make him much cooler.

And here is all the fuzz I got off of him.The bag is half full. Now time to play with it and learn how to use my drop spindle.


  1. Wow! I had a French Angora for a while, but I didn't know you could shave them.. course, I didn't know a whole lot about rabbits period.. She was pure white with 'red/pink' eyes. Very pretty, soft, cuddly, and her name was Cloud. :)


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