January 22, 2012


I have a very good excuse for being absent. I would LOVE to share pictures of all that I have been knitting but they are all birthday presents. We have 4 birthdays (3 in January, 1 in the beginning of February). So you see I can't possibly show you yet. We are celebrating all 4 next Sunday so I will share pictures after then. I can't wait to share photo's with you!!!!

I can share pictures of my socks with you. I finished them earlier this morning. I got the yarn from KnitPicks, it's 75% wool and 25% nylon. the color is very beautiful - Pansy Multi.

I got a wonderful sock book for my birthday called "Sock Knitting Master Class" I used the techniques in the book to construct my own sock pattern. This book is the best knitting book I have ever seen. It has a companion DVD that shows you how to do all the techniques and if you're a visual learner (like I am) it's very helpful. They have both top down instructions and toe up instructions.

I made it from the toe up and started with a Turkish/Eastern Cast-on (found on pg. 116) with size 3 bamboo double pointed needles and started with 8 stitches. Then Increased, every other row, until I had 48 stitches using the Raised Make-One Increase (found on pg. 176). Then continued for 55 rows (I have a big foot. Shoe size 9 1/2 to be exact) But Ma only needs 50 rows.

I made a short row heel from page 169 and continued for another 50 rows.

Then did 5 rows of K1P1 ribbing and ended with the bind off from page 142.

All from ONE skein of yarn. I even have enough left over for some doll socks for Sophia. Pattern found HERE!


  1. Those are a lovely pair of socks! I like the yarn you used. I get a lot of my yarn from Knitpicks (depending on what I need, of course, and if I have the money! haha!). I really need to learn to do socks, though. My brother LOVES wool socks that come all the way up to his knee. Hard to find, nowadays. So, he's been begging me to learn to do socks. :) Seeing this motivates me!

    1. It's not hard at all. Especially if you get the book I did =)

  2. I love those socks, I can't wait to see the other projects after the birthdays.


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