February 4, 2012


I can finally show you all why I've been absent from my blog!

I was knitting every day in the last 3 weeks of January - to get all my birthday gifts done (As well as Sophia's Slippers)

For Mom:
A very cute snowman. She has a collection in her bathroom! I also made her a Photo book.
Snowmen in the Bathroom
The snowman I made - Pattern Here I made changes to fit what I wanded it to look like but used this as a base.
 For my oldest brother:
A kitchen set ~ 3 washcloths and a Cowboy hand towel. I didn't get a picture of this gift, He took it home before I got it. But here is the pattern I used. And I just kept going to make it bigger for a hand towel.

For my sister:
This ADORABLE sheep. I have her wanting real sheep (Like I do) so I made her a pretend one that she can change the wool on =) Pattern Here

For my little brother:
A turtle and a fish.
Pattern Here
This started as a ball and ended up a fish. =) Purely by chance it turned out so good. I made it with NO pattern =)


  1. You are so skilled at knitting, they are so cute especilly the sheep clothes, haha


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