June 6, 2012


With summer just getting started so has the burning!

I've found a very nice remedy to help with the pain =)And it's natural! Aloe Vera & Lavender. I added a single drop of lavender to a bit of aloe and rubbed it in. The lavender prevents peeling.

We get our Aloe from Azure but we want to get our own plant. Just haven't gotten around to picking one up.

There's also some great natural ideas here: Frugally Sustainable.

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  1. Lavender also encourages skin growth, so if you make sure to apply the aloe on a regular basis, your sunburn won't last as long. Another remedy we've found to be very soothing is some lavender oil in some apple cider vinegar (the unprocessed kind). Amazingly it is extremely soothing. And, because it's the good healthy vinegar, it helps to protect against skin cancer. :)


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