October 27, 2012

{How To} Winter Warmth

Alrighty then. With the cold weather here, I've thought a lot about how to dress warmly in winter while living on a farm.

I like to wear dresses and skirts (But I still do wear jeans). When I go out to do chores I wear three layers:
1) Long Undies (The women of my family LOVE Cuddle Duds)
2) A tired skirt (that is 32 inches long)
3) a VERY long skirt (That is 40 inches long - at my ankels).
This set up is wonderful outside (I've even went sledding with the kids in this) but then I come in the house where it's anywhere from 72-82 degrees! It's very hard to regulate a wood burning stove. So then the long undies come off until I need to go back outside.

I had the problem last year of when I wear my "short" skirts (32 inches - just below my knees) I was cold but when I wore my long undies on under neath I looked extremely funny =) So I thought and thought and thought of a way I could wear my "short" skirts in the winter. And I came up with this:

I found the pattern on Ravelry - FOR FREE! They are SOOOOO cute! I've started on them and have half of one done so far.

Now I can wear my "short" skirts either with or without my long undies. I'm not sure how warm I'll be with them on yet, but either way it will work.

So this is how I stay warm in skirts in Minnesota winters while living on a farm.

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  1. Oh, that is such a neat idea to wear a short skirt and then a long one... and I actually have a shorter tiered skirt, too! I just might have to try that. We have a wood stove, and yes it is very difficult to figure out what to wear! In the living room it's super warm, in the back rooms, freezing cold. :/
    I'm so going to get that pattern! I've been wanting to knit up some leg warmers... Yours look SO nice! :) Where'd you learn how to knit?

    1. I actually taught myself how to knit! My parents bought me a "kids" knitting book that taught me the basics and then I branched out from there with the web and other books.


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