February 6, 2013

Hat for Sister-in-law

We had a birthday party for the members in my family (We have 4 b-days very close together). My Sister-in-law brought me a skein of yarn and asked if she would be able to make a scarf out of it. Well we got to talking and I said I would help her out and make a hat, scarf, and mitten set that all coordinates!

So here is the hat:

Yarn Used: Loops & Threads ~ Country Loom
Color: Wizard
Pattern Used: Hatticus (Free)
Changes to the pattern: None - It was a odd knit. It used size 15 us needles and I'm not use to that big of needles. The pattern was not hard to understand and my sister-in-law loves it ~ so I'm happy.

(The scarf and mittens are still to be made)

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