December 23, 2013

Baby Set

I've been working on this baby set for almost 2 years now. I was making it for my hopechest and future babies but there is a wonderful lady at my church who just had a baby (on my birthday!) and I wanted to bless her with the set. I only had one sleeve to finish and did that in a matter of 20 minuets.

Here's the details about the sweater.
Yarn: Acrylic
Color: Light Blue and Brown
Pattern: Newborn Vertebrae {Free}
Notes: This is such a cute sweater!! Can't wait to have my own children so I can make one for every outfit.

The details about the booties...

Yarn: Acrylic
Color: Light Blue and Brown
Pattern: Quick Baby Socks
Notes: Very easy pattern to follow. A good starter project if you want to learn how to make socks.

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