December 12, 2011


I've been very crafty these past few days. After I was done with the children's slippers and my mittens I just kept going.

I made a pair of mittens for both my future sister-in-law and my brothers girlfriend! And I attempted to make my Mom some as well but ran out of yarn on the second mitten so she'll have to pick some more up if she wants the other mitten. I used the same pattern as mine but used different yarn on both. I made the ribbing on the blue ones longer than the purple ones. And I used two strands of yarn for the purple ones. A regular cream and a funky purple that is hard to knit by itself.

And a new life has come into the world!!!!!!!!!! My uncle had a baby! Well . . . . . . . my uncle didn't, his wife did..... LOL
So I quick knitted a baby hat and a pair of baby booties because we're going to see them this Saturday.

Baby Hat pattern can be found here - The pattern is for a preemie but I've found that it stretches a lot and will fit on a normal baby's head. I use bamboo knitting needles and find that the stitches don't slip as easily as on metal ones. It's a pattern that knits up fast!!! I can knit one up in an hour or two if I don't get any interruptions.

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