December 5, 2011

New Mittens

Yesterday I made a pair of mittens for myself. I'm just in a knitting rut! But today I had to come back to real life. There are still chores to do and such ...........

I have to have a pair of fairly thin mittens to fit inside another pair because they aren't warm enough and they are too big for me. But the pair that I had were wearing out. So I used some left over wool yarn from my brother's hat and made some! Bright orange . . . . but they're warm!

I used this pattern. It's an AWESOME pattern!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOO easy to understand and IF you do get lost they have a glossary to help you out with different techniques. They look so professionally made (If I may say so)! I might make some up to sell in my etsy shop.

And a nice looking Lincoln log house behind me =) The kids were playing!


  1. Those look lovely!! And toasty warm! :) I need a nice pair like that... I've recently knitted up a pair of fingerless gloves for inside the house. However, I'm going to have to go back and modify the pattern as they don't fit very well (WAY too big). In any case, I would like to try a pair of mittens, though I've never knitted 'in the round' and, quite frankly, am a little intimidated to try it! Looks rather difficult, so is it you (the professional knitter) who is saying it is easy, or is it easy for beginners and professionals??

  2. Number 1 - I'm NOT a professional knitter LOL

    Number 2 - I made a pair of mittens in the past but they were on straight needles and had a seam up the side. I like DPN much better! I do everything on them. I just recently made slipper socks for my little brother (post below).

    They probably wouldn't be very easy first time on DPN. Sorry! Try to find a pattern on straight needles first so you kind of know how they go together before you attempt the DPN.

    My first project on DPN actually was a pair of socks!!!! I took it out and redid it MANY times before I finally got the hang of them.

  3. Beautiful mittens!!! I love them. Thanks for the pattern. I will have to look into crocheting some mittens.. I don't knit. Thanks for sharing!

    In Christ,

    P.S. They DO look professional! :)


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