March 26, 2012

Winter Headband

A few weeks ago (before we warmed up) in the mornings it was still chilly enough to need your ears covered but it was warm enough that you didn't need a full hat. I didn't have a headband so I decided to knit one up.

Size 6 US Needles
I used Lion Brand Alpine Wool bought at Joann's.

Cast on 16 sts and work these two rows:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: *P1, K2* Repeat from * to last st, P1

Continue these two rows until your desired length.
Finish by sewing the ends together.

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  1. Lovely! :) It looks so cozy, Hannah! :) Great job.

  2. Well done, You are really good at knitting. P.S. Could you post a yummy, healthy recipe on please :)


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