February 28, 2013

Sock Pair #1

So here is sock pair #1. I have more to make as both Mom and I need socks! We each loose one store bought sock per week! Hopefully my homemade socks will last longer!

Yarn: Wool Ease Worsted by Lion Brand
Color: Cranberry & Denim

Pattern: Made Up as I went Along
Notes: Needle size 4 - Provisional cast on 20 ~ Short row toe {8 sts in the middle left unworked}. Knit 15 rows, K1P1 10 rows, Knit 30 rows. Short row heel {8 sts in the middle left unworked}. 45 rows for the leg, 10 rows K1P1 ~ Bind off!

I used this same yarn for a pair of socks for my Dad and had to use 1 skein and a bit from another. I ran out for this pair but if I hadn't used some for Dads I would have had enough.

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