February 27, 2013

Yarn Along

This week I'm working on another pair of sock for myself. I finished a pair a few days ago but haven't gotten pictures or details posted yet. I'll work on that this week.

I'm also working on a simple K2P2 scarf for my sister-in-law.

The book that I'm about to start reading is called The Dirty Life by: Kirstin Kimball. It was recommended to me by my Mom. She knows me pretty well so she knows what books I'll enjoy.

I don't understand how all of you knit almost a whole sweater and manage to find reading time! How do you do it?

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  1. I'm always so impressed when people say they are making socks. It's the heel bit that scares me. I checked out 'The Dirty Life' it sounds a really interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  2. I really liked the Dirty Life. Thought I would have to buy it or interloan it and found it on my Library NEW BOOK shelf.
    Summer project...make another pair of socks...pretty scarf color, too


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