May 13, 2015

Morning Sickness

I get morning sickness only somedays! Not every day so for that I'm extremely thankful. But I feel so useless and lazy when all I want to do is sit on the couch.

SO! I've been crocheting some things for Baby. I also have a good friend who is also pregnant one month before me. So I have a lot of baby things to make. Actually.... I have 6 other ladies at my church who are pregnant! Due in May, September, and 3 in November! So anything I make will be put to good use!

Here's what I did today =)

From left to right:
Striped Newborn Hat
Crocheted Baby Booties - Green Zebra (I've only got one booty done)
Too Cute Cow Set (I only need to add buttons for the eyes and nose)
Little Oma Slippers (I figured out if you use a size G~4.0mm hook and one strand of yarn - you can make baby size slippers!)

I've been on a crochet streak it seems like. I have a knit baby sweater for my friend all made I just have to sew it together... With plans for many more sweater patterns to try out.

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