July 15, 2015


Oh My! I can't believe i'm announcing the next additions to our little homestead.

We went to look at a puppy 2 weeks ago. She's the sweetest thing ever. At 4 months old she's already bigger than our Pit Bull, Jude. She is 1/2 Anatolia Shepherd, 1/4 Akbash, and 1/4 Great Pyrenees.

Her name is sandy is is a great addition.

While we were at that farm we also acquired 2 Nubian goats! Both about 2 months old and completely breedable to one another. Our little flock will be growing. I STILL hope to get sheep sometime too. Maybe not for a year or two though...

And a little sneak peak at my almost 17 week baby bump.

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  1. Baby bump! Your as thin as a rail! hehe. Congrates on all the new kiddo's. I love Nubians. We got a white Nubian cross buckling this year that looks pure. Nubians have great personalities, I'm sure you will love them. Your going to be one busy momma.


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