September 25, 2015

Baby Gifts

So this year... The year of 2015 we've had 8 women get pregnant at the fellowship we attend!!!!! And so far 4 have given birth. One with a complication with her kidneys and has surgery scheduled for the first part of November. Please be in prayer for her.

I've made booties for all of them! But didn't take pictures of the first... But they looked like these with an aqua blue bottom, pink uppers, and aqua cuffs. Then I made these Orange and Grey ones.

Then came these adorable pink cowboy boot slippers.
And the last pair I've made are these baby blue and grey cowboy boots! Please excuse the herbs in the background. My order from Mountain Rose Herbs came and I still haven't had hubby put shelves up for me yet.

With many things in progress for my own little one... I hope to get more things on this blog. Knitting and Crocheting are definitely winter sports. I didn't do much last year because I was planning my wedding but hope to get LOTS more done this year. Although with a baby coming in December I don't know if my plans will come through.

I'll be 28 weeks on Sunday but here's a picture at 26 weeks. We found out at 21 weeks that we're having a boy!!!! And all is healthy and going smoothly. I started out at 103lbs and now I am 120lbs. My midwife is happy with my weight gain!!! So I'm happy too.

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