September 10, 2015

Then There Was 6!

 We've added a few more things to our farm!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 sheep to be exact!!!! 4 ewes, 1 ram, and one ram lamb that we're going to make a wether. They are Shetlands so I'm excited for this coming spring when I can shear them and spin their beautiful fleece!

Left to Right: Little Beba (short for Bee Balm), Cocoa, Canna (short for Cannabis), Clover, Posie, and Thistle

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  1. You have more Shetlands than we do! We are going to sell our BIG sheep, they are just to big for me to shear. You will love the Shetlands. So easy to handle.
    I love the names ; ) I named one of our goats this year Posie, but I've always wanted a Thistle.
    Your going to be up to your ears in wool.


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