January 11, 2016

December 21st

My baby boy was born December 21st! Meet Aharon!

His birth story is quite interesting and I will be sharing it soon! Other than struggling with nursing for a bit, figured out that he has a shallow latch on my right side, life with baby has been fun! He's been such a great boy! Already sleeping 4 hours at a time! Still working on healing my sore and cracked nipple from his shallow latch, which is difficult while I still have to use it, and working on fixing his latch.

And actually... out of all the hats in the pictures, I didn't make a single one! The top one was from the hospital and the other 2 my sister made for him. I have made quite a few and will, hopefully, get them posted soon (can't promise anything with Aharon around now).

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  1. My goodness, what a smiling little cutie! Congratulations! That 4th picture doesn't really look real, it looks like one of those life like dolls.


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