March 16, 2016

Cloth for Mama?

I've been busy working on these lately...

Cloth menstrual pads. I use cloth on my baby so why not on mama. I actually used them for 3-4 years before I was married! My mom used cloth on my little siblings... I like having cloth on my rear rather than plastic!!!

I copied a pad I had bought off etsy for my shape and used this gals tutorial to put them together:

These ones, in the picture, are flannel and pul... I have a fabric called wic-away (I think that's what it's called. I got it in the diaper section at my local Joann's) that I was going to use for homemade breast pads but since I don't need those anymore :-( I'm going to make a  few with that as well and see which I like better!

I've researched a bit about Zorb (an absorbent fabric).... The website ( says that it's equivalent to 4 layers of flannel. I'm planning on getting some of that as well to play with but for now I'm using 4 layers of flannel in my core.

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