May 10, 2016

New Adventures!

So many things to report!

Shearing went well... We had someone come out and do it. Maybe next year Hubby will try his hand at it.

We lost one ewe to an injury this spring :-( And out of our 3 ewes left we got 5 lambs! 3 boys and 2 girls...

THEN I was busy making cloth pads for my friends and to sell... I still have one set left.
Flannel topper | Zorb core | Leak proof PUL layer | Flannel backer to prevent shifting | $35 {Free Shipping}

And I decided to become a consultant with Imagine Baby Products and can't wait to see where that takes me. Simply click on the banner below to buy through me. Cloth Diapering is THE best - Best for baby and the environment.

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  1. Such cuties! We have had 3 Shetland lambs born and 1 set of Shetland commercial standard breed cross twins. Love that white one. Sorry you lost a ewe. I know how terrible that feels. I still miss my Myrtle.


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