November 19, 2011

Another Skirt!

I started and finished this skirt last evening. It took about 45 minutes to put together. All it is is a rectangle with an elastic waist. I cut it out so the width was 90 inches and made it how long I wanted it (I actually got the width measurement from THIS site)! I think it came out to be around 40 inches long. It is so full, long, and beautiful I LOVE it!!!

Mom had made two just like it (but smaller) for my little sister. So I decided to make one for myself. I also had enough fabric left over for a matching skirt for Sophia! AND with scraps I made one for her 18 inch doll, so we now have 3 matching skirts.

I couldn't get the color to come out right in this picture. It's the green in the picture above. But these are the little flowers. They are about 1/2 inch big from stem to petals.


  1. Hannah, this is BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job. :)

  2. Lovely skirt!! We did skirts similar to this for our drama club. Rectangular, gathered, but open so it wraps around each girl and ties. That way, any size girl could wear it (it just wraps around more on the smaller girls, etc). Definitely a very nice pattern and one I want to use in the future (though I think I'll stitch mine together all the way!)


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