November 17, 2011

Left, Right, Left, Right

The left, right, left, right, movement of spinning is so relaxing. It's a lot like riding a bike =) Here is a picture of my latest spinnings.

I'm working on filling another bobbin then I can ply them together. Not sure what I'm going to knit with this yarn...... Maybe mittens! Or socks! Or a hat! Or slippers! Or ......... there are so many possibilities! What do you think I should make?


  1. Since I love the spinning part I have accumulated a lot of yarn, a whole bin full as a matter of fact. I have the same problem...what to make with the yarn I spin. to be a good steward I guess the knitting needles are going to get a work out this winter.

  2. I'd make some fun mittens! :-) and Sock/slippers :-)

  3. I have always wanted to learn to spin. You should knit a pair of ankle socks, a beret (if you look good in them) and maybe fingerless gloves or mittens


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