November 6, 2011

Oh So Cute

I have the cutest French Angora rabbit that ever lived!! Maybe I'm a bit bias..... Naw..... Never!

I had him in the house so the children could play with him and I caught this VERY cute picture:
Doesn't it look like he's praying? I have a very religious rabbit.

And he so cute with his "broken" ear. His ear flops, It's just the way God made him. It's funny because as I was look at "wool" rabbits..... I had wanted to get a Lopped ear rabbit but decided that they weren't the breed for me. But God gave me what I wanted! Isn't He an AWESOME God?!?!?!?!?!


  1. Uh oh.. here is where we argue. Mine was the cutest... hehe! Yours is pretty adorable, though!! Mine was albino.. all white with red eyes. :) Sounds freaky, but she was very pretty. And soft!!!

  2. How cute!!! But I must disagree! MY rabbit is the cutest! :) She is black and white... :) Thanks for sharing, Hannah. She is perty cute! :D

    In Christ,


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