May 10, 2013

Free Fleece!

Since my last post I've been working very hard on my Mother's day gift. I can't show you what it is until next week. I have to leave you hanging for a few more days.

Dad found a listing on for some Babydoll sheep's fleece. I contacted them and they were willing to give it to me for FREE! The couple said they had no use for it at this time and that they didn't want it to go to waste. The BEST part of the whole transaction is that they said if I save their contact info I can request them to save it for me again next year!
Five fresh fleeces from Babydoll sheep. I skirted them all and they're just waiting for a nice day to wash them outside.

I've also been helping my little sister make shoes for her 18 inch doll.
She made sandals with plastic canvas from this pattern.

And I helped her with these felt shoes.
I used this as an idea ~ and this as a pattern. I cut out the pattern pieces on the dotted lines and then on the shoe upper we over lapped the back by an inch or so. Then attached the sole with a blanket stitch.

These I made:

My little sister made these:

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    What a good deal on the fleece. You will be a busy girl washing and carding all that wool. I hope you have a drum carder.



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