June 20, 2013

Updates! Updates!

So I've been busy this spring. Putting in a garden, raising a calf (or 3), dreaming about washing all that fleece (I have another friend who said their parents were willing to give me one of their fleeces as well! So I'll have 6 1/2 fleeces).

 This is our calf that was born May 15th. She'll be our second milk cow once she's old enough. Lovingly named Mary Kay (her Mama is Maybelline =) Can you figure out the connection?

 This is Blake - He's 6 days old.

 And this little guy is five days old and is named Conway.

My little sister and I have the job of bottle feeding them three times a day right now but we'll go down to twice a day in a few days. This is what I've longed for for a LONG time. IT'S MY DREAM JOB! To feed and play with calves. We've even given them a bath or 2!

On to knitting: What have I done lately?

I finished a birthday gift a few weeks ago. I didn't get pictures before I wrapped them and sent them off. Shame on me =) But here's a picture that my Mom took of him putting them on. Mom said they fit perfectly!

In the evenings I've been working on more baby booties to someday sell (either in my etsy shop or at a craft show this fall.) Maybe someday I'll get pictures of them. 

I'm teaching myself to crochet. I made a few crude looking flowers and a floppy basket. I should have held the yarn double and forgot to. Ooops! So Mom's using it for her onions in the kitchen. I still like knitting better. Nothing will ever change that =)

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  1. The calves are darling. Wait until they are 3 months old and want their bottle ; ) hehe. Can I give a little piece of advice. Teach them to pick up their feet like a horse. It will come in handy later on down the road. And it's really easy to teach them with a piece of hay string.
    You are so reverse of me. I love crocheting, and gave up trying to knit. I got the knit, pearl, and that was it. To complicated. Unfortunately I prefer the knit products. Crocheting does not produce a pretty sweater like knit.



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